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Chocolate Candy Making


Making beautiful, edible, chocolate candy treats can be simple and easy.  Try these simple instructions and we hope that you find that your desserts will be the talk of your next party.


Additionally, we offer wedding cakes, our Signature Dessert Squares, and other treats, including cupcakes, and our homemade brownies/bars, and chocolates with a great variety of fillings and flavors.


For cake and cookie decorating enthusiasts as well as professionals, we have a large selection of tools and supplies. Cake decorating tools, cookie cutters, cake making and decorating supplies, and fondant and chocolate making tools.

Cake and Bake staff can offer expert tips and techniques

to help you with your project.

Customers love our full line of ready-to-bake frozen dough, including rolls, breads, pies, cinnamon rolls and our homemade strudel, not to mention our ready-to-bake cookie dough, available in many different Cut-Out shapes.


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Chocolate Melting Instructions



The most important thing to remember when melting chocolate is to be patient!!  LOW and SLOW!!

If chocolate is overheated it will “bloom” (turn white and cloudy).


The Wilton Melting Pot is the perfect way to melt your chocolate. Start out melting 1 lb. of chocolate. It has a “MELT” setting for melting the chocolate. Once it’s melted, turn setting to “WARM”. Keep adding new chocolate, little at a time to keep chocolate from getting to hot. The melting pot can hold up to 2 lbs. of chocolate.


Another option: Place chocolate discs in a MICROWAVE SAFE bowl or dish, something with a spout is helpful such as a 4 C. measuring cup. Microwave on MED. power for 1Min. STIR.  Repeat at 30 second intervals until chocolate is creamy. Remember LOW and SLOW!! It will seem as though nothing is happening after the first minute or two, but it is important to stir the chocolate anyway to prevent hot spots and scorching some of the chocolate.


A Double Boiler may also be used to melt chocolate. It is imperative that you do not get any water in your chocolate. Make sure your bowl is dry. Any water will seize up your chocolate (become hard and lumpy), and you will have to throw it away.


Add 1 Tablespoon of paramount crystals per pound of chocolate, before you start heating it. This helps the chocolate to melt to a creamy consistency without overheating it. This will not change the flavor of your chocolate. This is highly recommended when using the white or colored coatings.

Add 1 Tablespoon of paramount crystals per ½ pound of chocolate to use for drizzle bottles.


Add 1 tablespoon of a liquid vegetable shortening per pound of chocolate when dipping strawberries. The shortening makes the chocolate softer when it dries therefore it doesn’t crack off of the strawberry when eaten.


If you want to color the white chocolate or flavor any of the chocolates, it is necessary to use an OIL BASED flavoring or color. This is added after the chocolate has been melted.


Chocolate absorbs other odors and flavors, therefore all mint flavored chocolate is to be packaged separately as plain milk, dark, etc. will also taste like mint if packaged together. Also do not make a gift basket or box including candles or soaps with your chocolate, as the chocolate will take on the scent of the candles or soaps.


Chocolate can be stored in a freezer Ziploc bag for up to 6 months. When you would like to use the chocolate, you must first put the frozen chocolate into the refrigerator overnight. The next day, pour the chocolate discs onto a cookie sheet to come to room temperature before using. DO NOT leave in bag, as condensation will develop on the chocolate discs. This will ruin the chocolate, as water and chocolate do not mix.

Approximate amounts of items dipped per pound of Chocolate


Oreo’s - 30    

Pretzel Rods - 20-30   

Ritz Crackers - 50   

Turtle Bites - 40-50


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